Lash & Brow Obsession Bundle

Lash & Brow Obsession Bundle

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The Lash & Brow Obsession Bundle is one of our best-selling bundles, we have restocked this bundle 8 times and counting.  A bundle reserved for the Queens of society. 


Lash Comb Curler™️ 

The built-in comb, unlike conventional eyelash curlers that may cause eyelashes to overlap & twist in multiple different directions, is designed to evenly seperate your lashes achieving the perfect curl.

Double Sided Winged Eyeliner Stamp™️ 

Effortlessly create the perfect look with our latest 2 in 1 Winged Eyeliner Stamp. 

Derma-blade™️ [3 Pack] 

Eliminate peach fuzz with our eco-friendly biodegradable Derma-blade.

Single Handed Pocket  Flip Mirror™️ 

Australia's first Single Handed Pocket Flip Mirror™️ was designed to open and operate with a single hand.

Brow Perfecting Comb Scissors™️ 

Specifically designed to help easily shape and perfect your eyebrows with a built in comb to evenly trim your eyebrows with precision.

Lash & Brow Portable Shaping Comb Brush™️ 

Say goodbye to lash clumps & uneven brows, say hello to evenly separated lashes & brows with our portable Lash & Brow Shaping Comb Brush™️.

Matte Black Manicure Scissors™️    

Made from stainless steal to provide the optimum experience.