What skin type is this serum for?

A. This formula was created for all skin types, especially oily skin.  This is beneficial for acne prone skin, acne scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, flaking skin, rashes and the list is endless..


What if I have oily skin?

A. This is very common misconception. If you have oily skin it means your natural skin oils (sebum) is imbalanced therefore it creates too much sebum.. however if you use our serum it corrects the imbalance by tricking the skin into thinking it has produced to much oil therefore leaving your skin balanced and nourished as well. 


How often do I apply the serum? 

A. We recommend applying the serum at night right ofter you have had a shower or cleansed your face. it is optional to apply the serum in the morning. The best results are when the serum is used at night so the skin can absorb all the vitamins and essential oils. Leaving your skin soft and nourished the following morning.


How long will it take to see results?

A. Everyone has their own unique skin types so it varies, some see instant results within a couple of days, some take up to a few weeks. However it is very important you stay consistent and use the serum every night. Drink lots of water and eat healthy. Some customers saw amazing results in the 2nd month by staying consistent. The road to flawless skin is a journey enjoy it.. because when you make it you will appreciate it so much more. :)   


Can I mix this serum with other products?

A. Yes however we only recommend using moisturiser or SPF, apply the serum then followed by SPF or moisturiser... (remember more isn't always better)  


What should I cleanse my face with?

A. Most people already have cleansers they currently use, we will leave the choice to you in this case. We recommend using a soft cleanser that does not irritate your skin.


How long is shipping?

A. 3-8 business days for all Australia/NZ orders.  We currently do not ship internationally due to COVID-19.