Our Story

Where we started?

We are a small business based in Melbourne...

We started the business because we wanted to help people who suffer from acne achieve clearer & healthier skin.

Since we launched we have impacted so many people with over a thousand positive reviews we looked to expand the range, our products are now loved by thousands of people across Australia.

As a person who suffers from acne myself, I have tried a multitude of products & have narrowed down what works & what doesn't.

Sampling & Testing

We have thoughtfully & strategically created a unique formula that consist of all natural Australian ingredients. 

We had countless samples sent back and forth for about 8 months we kept testing what works & what doesn't until we were finally were happy with the end formula.

Feedback & Support 

We had our family & friends test our facial oil, 98% of feedback was an improved skin tone & buttery smooth skin. 

All of a sudden we had so many people requesting bottles to try & thats when RELEXA was born.